the lineup

Our curated service lineup and clinical expertise take the guesswork out of injectables.

the lineup

Our curated service lineup and clinical expertise take the guesswork out of injectables.

Pucker Up

Our Nurse Practitioners’ conservative approach gives you an enhanced pout that compliments your natural lip shape.

DiamondGlow® Facial

Experience DiamondGlow® at LexRx—a next-level, medical-grade facial that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with targeted serums.

Fresh Faced

Our solution to lines across the forehead and in between the brows, this treatment results in a natural, refreshed you.

Masseter / TMJ

Our solution to treating the masseter muscles with neurotoxin, in order to minimize clinching and reduce hypertrophy of this strong facial muscle.

Fill in the Blank

Looking to enhance and restore volume to an area not listed? No problem! Just “fill-in” with your customized LexRx treatment plan including Sculptra.

The Lip Flip

Our conservative lip augmentation helps minimize “gummy” smiles. Meet with one of our NPs to learn if you’re a candidate.

Polished Peepers

When you just want those crows feet to fly away, the Polished Peepers treatment helps keep those fine lines at bay.

Lex Perfect

Lex Perfect is a collagen induction therapy treatment with FDA approved micro-needling device, SkinPen.

Lex Chat

Book a complimentary consultation with LexRx to learn more about personalized treatment options such as neurotoxins, HA dermal fillers, Sculptra, micro-needling with SkinPen, and much more!

Lex Correct

Need some correction? Meet with an NP to discuss our approach to dissolving post-procedure imperfections, and more!

So Cheeky

Our So Cheeky treatment enhances your natural features, restores volume, and adds a beautiful, natural contour.

Eyelash Out

For longer, fuller lashes, learn more about lengthening solutions including LATISSE® and The Lex Lash Line.

86 Those 11s

For those pesky lines between the brows, this focused treatment minimizes and softens the appearance of frown lines.

The Pickup Line

The LexRx approach addresses the lines around the mouth for a softer look without changing your most endearing features.

Lex Repair

Lex Repair is an LED light therapy product for safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared treatment of acne, skin wrinkles, and pain.

Lex gets it glowing. Our new lineup of chemical peel and dermaplaning face treatments are curated by lex registered nurses and meant for all skin types.