The Lip Flip

15 Minutes
Neurotoxin Lip Injections
Gummy Smile
Lip Flip
This conservative lip augmentation treats the muscle of the upper lip, creating beautiful, vertical height to the upper lip--all while minimizing a “gummy” smiles. This treatment requires careful dosing and meticulous placement to minimize side effects. Meet with one of our LexRx NPs to learn more about this lip injection treatment and determine if you are a candidate. All neurotoxin treatments at LexRx include a complimentary touch-up dose--we recommend a touch-up within 1-2 weeks of the initial dose for this specific area.

See the Before and After Results

Before After
Before After
Before After

The Talk

Danielle was fabulous and very patient with my low pain tolerance. I have a serious needle phobia and I cannot believe how easy it was!!! I'm obsessed!!
Kristina F.
Lex get under your skin
LexRx Nurse Practitioners carefully dose and inject neurotoxin with meticulous placement into the orbicularis oris to relax the muscle and show more of the “red” of the upper lip to give the appearance of a fuller lip, particularly with expression and smiling. Results last ~2-3 months on average, and our preferred neurotoxin in Dysport®.