So Cheeky

Starts at $900
45 Minutes
Cheek Filler
Restore Volume
So Cheeky lateral cheek filler treatment enhances your natural features, restores volume, and adds a beautiful, natural contour. Our service features top quality hyaluronic acid–based facial fillers Juvederm & Restylane.

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The Talk

Love love! Thank you for the wonderful advice. So happy to have a quality place I can rely on! The upbeat and very friendly atmosphere make my appointments at LexRx enjoyable.
Priya S.
Lex get under your skin
LexRx Nurse Practitioners utilize HA dermal fillers in the lateral-medial cheeks to help restore volume, and provide a delicate, flattering contour to the mid-face. With advanced techniques and exceptional product selection, our team can anchor the mid-face with the utmost respect to your baseline anatomy and features. Injections can be done with both needle and/or cannula, and are typically deep. With a collaborative treatment plan and optimal correction, results can last 1-2 years.