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Starts at $600
45 Minutes
Lip Filler
Plump + Smooth
LexRx’s conservative lip filler treatment. Meet with one of the LexRx Nurse Practitioners to learn more about their approach to lip augmentation using the latest in dermal filler innovation and technique. Our team utilizes many approaches, including the Julie Horne technique!

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The Talk

I just got my lips injected with Leanne and she was awesome! So nice and sweet and she did an amazing job. I highly recommend.
Brittany G.
Lex get under your skin
LexRx Nurse Practitioners utilize HA dermal fillers to provide first-class lip augmentation. With advanced techniques and exceptional product selection, our technique respects an individual’s baseline anatomy by conservatively restoring structure, volume, and hydration. Our preferred approach is with needle, and the injections are superficial. Results can last 4-10 months and is dependent on several factors, including (but not limited to!) your metabolism and history of prior injections with HA dermal filler in the lips.