Polished Peepers

20 Minutes
Crows Feet
Fine Lines
Smile Lines
When you just want those crows feet to fly away already, the Polished Peepers treatment softens and smooths fine lines around the eyes. All neurotoxin treatments at LexRx include a complimentary touch-up dose--we recommend a touch-up within 1-2 weeks of the initial dose for this specific area.

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The Talk

The LexRx team is always so friendly!! I know I can trust them to do the best injections and still look natural.
Aaliya V.
Lex get under your skin
LexRx Nurse Practitioners precisely dose and inject neurotoxin into the orbicularis oculi muscle to smooth fine lines (“crow’s feet”) and subtly lift the brow. Results last ~3 months on average, and our preferred neurotoxins are Dysport® and Jeuveau®.