86 Those 11s

20 Minutes
Furrowed Brow
Angry Lines
For those pesky lines between the brows—also known as the 11s—this focused LexRx treatment minimizes and softens the appearance of frown lines, leaving you looking refreshed. All neurotoxin treatments at LexRx include a complimentary touch-up dose--we recommend a touch-up within 1-2 weeks of the initial dose for this specific area.

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Before After
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The Talk

I met with Alexa to talk about getting rid of my 11’s in between my brows. She was super knowledgeable and answered all my questions so that I felt 100% at ease. My 11’s are completely gone and so smooth! I still have natural movement but no wrinkles.
Teri L.
Lex get under your skin
LexRx Nurse Practitioners dose and inject neurotoxin into the glabellar complex (made up of 3 muscles!), to smooth the appearance of fine lines, as well as provide a subtle lift to the middle 1/3 of the eyebrows. Results last ~3 months on average, and our preferred neurotoxins are Dysport® and Jeuveau®.